Speed Gate

Speed Gate

Argus HSB half-height sensor barriers 

Tried-and-tested HSB half-height speed barriers are equipped with swing doors and can be configured individually thanks to the wide range of materials and finishes. Choose between a stainless steel housing or transparent glass side walls to match the design of your entrance area. Two different lengths of unit are also available with various sensors, offering different levels of security. 

HSB Sensor Barriers 

  • comfortable passage, even with bags or luggage  
  • no contact with the door leaves  
  • high throughput rate along with high level of personal safety  
  • different security levels for diverse security demands  
  • versatile transparent designs  
  • modular system with basic and extension units for multi-passage installations  
  • door wings always open in direction of passage  
  • automatic sneak-by guard (note security level)  
  • acoustic alarm when used without authorisation  
  • child detection (note security level)  
  • special 900 mm width available – suitable for disabled users  

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